Coca-Cola > Magazine Amplifier

To promote the online radio platform Coca-Cola.FM in Brazil, agency JWT turned a magazine into an amplifier!

Inside the latest issue of the brazilian Capricho Magazine, there’s an ad for Coca-Cola.FM, celebrating the South American radio venture’s one year anniversary.

Created by the Agency JWT Brazil, this particular ad allow the reader to share an experienced with the brand:
the ad become a funny gift for the customer as functional amplifier that transforms into an iPod music stand by simply rolling up the entire magazine into a tube (the final format allows the sounds waves to travel in two different directions at the same time, making the ad an amplifier for music).
A makeshift iPod dock that might not exactly rock a full-on party, but will at least stand in for headphones for a while.

An other way to communicate outside the box with a classic support as magazine advertising. We’ve come across some pretty unique repurposing ideas but this is one of the smartest we’ve ever seen recently.

Watch the video above and be inspired!

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