Coca-Cola > dance machine

In Korea Coca-Cola Vending Machine Rewards You For Dancing The dances are challenging both single or multi-players, so participants can play with their friends: the better they dance, the more bottles of Coke they are rewarded! The Coke dance vending machine has Xbox Kinect technology (sensors and webcams) built in which recognises human interaction. It’s an innovative […]

Frozen Moment > behind Nike Ad

Campaigns like this can expect tons of viral buzz and earned media because of their creativity: It’s not anymore commercial, but a piece of art to share with the audience! Chris Paul bursts out of a concrete wall filled with shoe boxes, passes the ball to himself, knocks over a cyclist, makes some woman spill […]

Coca-Cola > Magazine Amplifier

To promote the online radio platform Coca-Cola.FM in Brazil, agency JWT turned a magazine into an amplifier! Inside the latest issue of the brazilian Capricho Magazine, there’s an ad for Coca-Cola.FM, celebrating the South American radio venture’s one year anniversary. Created by the Agency JWT Brazil, this particular ad allow the reader to share an experienced with […]