Coca-Cola > dance machine

In Korea Coca-Cola Vending Machine Rewards You For Dancing The dances are challenging both single or multi-players, so participants can play with their friends: the better they dance, the more bottles of Coke they are rewarded! The Coke dance vending machine has Xbox Kinect technology (sensors and webcams) built in which recognises human interaction. It’s an innovative […]

Brands love > twitter

While some brands are still learning how to use social media, a few have already found that Twitter is an incredibly important customer relations management tool. How they manage their Twitter audience or increase their customers base? With more than 300 million user accounts, Twitter has become an important network for companies to leverage in their communication plans. […]

Augmented Reality > Ref_1

If augmented reality, or AR, has become one of the new advertising trends to launch a new product? Today a diverse array of brands has hopped on the AR bandwagon in the scope of creating hype, astonishing and to increase engagement and links with their clients. Now just enjoy some treasures taken from the web! […]

Durex, inflight marketing gets a twist

We didn’t know but… In-flight advertising is usually boring as hell and more intrusive than a pop-up banner on an iPad, because you just have to face it. But not anymore with this recent Durex inflight marketing execution made in Poland! The pre-flight safety demonstration for the first time included a few additional tips for […]

Lego campagne > less is more

We love smart, minimal advertising campaigns! We are talking about the German agency Jung von Matt who had the bright idea to ride the wave of « minimalist posters » adapted to the Lego brand. Using only the most basic stones by Lego, the agency has constructed your favorite cartoon characters. Let’s try ! With a little […]