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If augmented reality, or AR, has become one of the new advertising trends to launch a new product? Today a diverse array of brands has hopped on the AR bandwagon in the scope of creating hype, astonishing and to increase engagement and links with their clients.

Now just enjoy some treasures taken from the web!


Last September, Beetle billboards in Canada gave a call to action that prompted viewers to download the VWJuicedUp app. Once the app was downloaded, the user pointed his mobile device at the marker on the billboard to watch the car perform.

In one case, the Beetle busts through the billboard and in another a ramp comes out of the billboard and the car flips around on it


Unlike most brands, which have used augmented reality to create stunts, Nike used the technology to create a game. They recruited 50 runners to wear « Flash » running jackets hooked up to GPS systems, while they ran around Vienna for 90 minutes.  As they ran, game participants tracked them with a mobile app and tried to take a photo of the runner. Those with the most photos won a prize.

Most AR promotions engage viewers because they are so unusual, but this takes engagement to another level.


Travelers in London’s Victoria station were surprised by some special guests who fell from the sky. Lynx, known as Axe in the U.S., used augmented reality to let people pose with the angels featured in their ad campaigns. The brand put signs in the railway station telling travelers to look up to a giant video screen. On the screen, they saw an image of themselves plus the angels.

The stunt drew a lot of attention and, in some cases, some pretty crass behavior, both of which can be seen in the video below.


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