L’Inbound marketing > Kesako?

Lassés par la publicité traditionnelle, les consommateurs sont de moins en moins réceptifs aux publicités telles que les annonces, bannières et autres spots publicitaires.  L’Inbound Marketing est un terme américain qui illustre des actions de marketing digital visant à faire venir le client vers soi plutôt que d’aller le chercher. On parle ainsi de earned customers (client acquis) […]

Brands love > twitter

While some brands are still learning how to use social media, a few have already found that Twitter is an incredibly important customer relations management tool. How they manage their Twitter audience or increase their customers base? With more than 300 million user accounts, Twitter has become an important network for companies to leverage in their communication plans. […]

SoMoLo > kesako?

Since 2011, the acronym “SoMoLo” is short for Social, Mobile, Local converging areas, and describes a growing behavioral trend. You should just keep in mind, though, that more smartphones in consumers’ hands means increased patterns in the way consumers shop for any product, leisure or services: SoMoLo shoppers roam the aisles of their favorite big box CE […]